On some models slides are attached to a 7' deck! You can tell its a Castle model because of the high deck height, large deck area, and lack of support beams directly underneath the deck. The list of extra options and accessories is extensive for both Woodplay and Gorilla, and includes monkey bars, rock walls, climbing ladder options, swing options, binoculars, ship wheels, telescopes, and more. Explore other options. Gorilla playsets use 44 A-frame legs supported with a thick metal bracket for rock-solid construction. If you need help deciding on the best backyard . Our Playsets are Sturdy & Built for Safe Play. It was a fun thing for my kids and our hot tub is better than we could have hoped. This is unfriendly and disappointing even in this inflationary environment during summer of 2022, but dont mention it! Slide options include wave, straight, and tube slides ranging from 10 up in length. Inspire your child's play with a fun swing set or play set from Lifetime. I would def recommend and purchase from them again. Jason did a great job of explaining differences between rainbow play set and tree frogs. Dont let the positive reviews fool you, they are the exception not the rule!Buyer beware: you may think you are getting the best price, but they arent adding the same components to their packages as competitors or standard per manufacturer and when you realize it, its too late and you will be charged extra for the install. Thanks all! Another feature of playsets is the slides. Great customer service, fast and efficient! After spending almost $7,000, I couldn't even receive the dignity of a phone call to talk about the problem. She also stated a replacement part would be sent out same day.This is outstanding service from rec unlimited. Very helpful and friendly people. $2,551.99. Key Specs. I would highly recommend! Very satisfied customer. Good communication, quick scheduling and very efficient install. !If we ever need another one or know anyone who wants to purchase a new hot tub, Recreation Unlimited is where we will refer everyone!!! You need to have a place for the dirt to be dumped. This premium cedar wood playset is pre-cut, pre-sanded, pre-stained in your backyard. Prompt courteous! Additionally, the large deck area allows multiple ladders to be placed side by side, which means more than one child can climb up to the deck at once. Its embarrassing. The folks from RU kept us informed every step of the way. The process was painless and organized. Tues-Sat 10am - 6pm EST | Sun-Mon: Closed. Congo's Monkey Playsystem #1 is a great set with a lot of interesting solutions. Your email address will not be published. Most playset manufacturers make highly modular products. At last! My son hasn't stopped playing on it and keep lowering it to 9ft so he can dunk, lol. It is a highly durable swing that you can get for your kids. So much so that they found us a spa that they had on the floor, in stock that could be delivered before our hoped for date, Thanksgiving! The lumbar used in these swing beams is much thicker and bigger than most playsets and swingsets you can buy online. Underneath the treehouse structure is a sandpit area. Cuddly Llama Rainbow Alpaca Doll 7" Soft Baby Stuffed Animal Toy Valentine's Day Birthday Xmas Christmas Wedding Anniversary Presents Gifts ; Brand: AngelGift. These play sets are showcased in the catalog called 2014 Design Book 1. If you are looking for a spa or anything related, give Linzi a call. In addition the Playground One model only has a 10 year limited warranty instead of Rainbows lifetime warranty. They are very attention and pay attention to details. The timber shield finish is touted as a zero-maintenance finish, but it can compromise the integrity of the wood over time. So to prevent information overload, well start by highlighting the similarities and differences of two popular brands: Woodplay and Gorilla. Gorilla Playsets offer a wide range of jungle gyms that can be anywhere from $1,200 to $6,500. We had a fantastic experience and our boys love their new basketball goal. Gorilla offers a 10 year warranty on wood and structure components. She was extremely responsive to e-mails and helped us through last minute changes we wanted to do. Or $102.00/mo for 24 months *. Great follow up and made adjustments that I wanted, Don't worry about how it will be delivered, They have this down and know what they are doing.Don't bother spending your time shopping around, go to Recreation Unlimited.Thank you to the whole team.John and Lisa Biggerstaff. Were also lucky because almost every swing set manufacturer tends to describe their base models in similar ways. Gorilla Playset Installation Cost. Recreation Unlimited is the absolute go to place for basketball hoops, trampolines, and playsets. We only waited a week until they were able to install our playset and the men who installed it were quick and efficient and it was put together perfectly - very sturdy. Its important to note some of the unique features that can be installed on a Castle model and not the Clubhouse. I told Courtney several times I bought the product off of Recreation Unlimited and not off the Manufacture. Shop smarter with our expert guide to the best Gorilla playsets for every kind of budget. Likewise, the gorilla playsets use the heavy-duty hanger to ensure that children are safe during the swings. Customer service is great! Gorilla also offer installation for an additional fee so you have the choice of assembling them yourself or paying extra for a professional build. Great service and timing to get a Goalrilla installed! Its not enough for the beam to be resistant to rot, insent, and decay but when there is an improper installation the whole playset will be unsafe for kids. Gorilla Playsets Chateau W/Standard Wood Roof Wooden Swing Set. Backyard Swing Sets. I recently purchased the potting shed from Recreation Unlimited. I was really disappointed when we called about it being blown over how nobody really tried to figure out what went wrong and told us sorry about your luck. Working with you guys has been wonderful. ; One 15 x 14 x 11 ft Creative Playthings Playtime Series Spring Hill Wooden Swing Set, Made in the USA ; Kids playground with 2 sling swings, a ring trapeze bar, 10 ft wave slide, a built-in picnic table, a climbing wall for kids, and access ladder leading to a generous play platform covered with a wooden roof Jackie in sales was kind, professional, easy to work with and helped us find the perfect fit. Installation was scheduled through text messages which I love! You do not need to be home when the goal is installed. Because of the missing bubble panel it would add another $299 for a grand total of $1100+ for just install costs. I have been buying from them for several years and find they have a very helpful staff, an amazing showroom, and the highest equipment from brands like Goalrilla, Spring Free, and Woodplay. The Gorilla Playsets Chateau Deluxe has predrilled holes, which are one of the main things you should look for in a swingset. The Olympian Summit looks very similar to the Rainbow Castle model, with an angled rock wall, two ladders, a slide, a tire swing, and a Jacobs Ladder. Under the same ownership in the Indianapolis area for over 25 years, Recreation Unlimited has become a trusted provider of everything you need to make the most of your outdoor living space. Gorilla playsets are built using 46 swing beams. We purchased a playset with the mulch package for our toddler son. So, swing is the central part of a wooden swing set. A couple of phone calls to ensure it was what we were interested in and we were ready to buy. Great experience all the way through! The rainbow playsets offer maximum safety to children than the gorilla playsets because of the different types of wood materials used in the construction of the playsets. In this article, youll find the best comparison between Gorilla and Rainbow playset in the backyard thatll help you make the best decision. Wood type is a very important factor to consider when determining which playset to purchase for your backyard. We proudly offer ADA Accessible playsets, meeting the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines. I mentioned earlier that in my opinion, not providing a lifetime warranty on the major components of your playset indicates that youre not confident in its quality. $1,999.99. Gorilla Playsets vs Rainbow (Best Playset Comparison), Gorilla Playsets Chill N Swing with Nylon Rope, Multi-Child Swing Green & Black, Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center, 117 X 76 X 53, For Ages 2+. The play deck is protected with a tongue and groove wood roof and . Many things out of their control (manufacturing/shipping dates, truck deliveries, etc.). The goal is amazing. Thanks! This post is written to make comparison easier and simple, thatll guide your buying decision. Compare. Jackie was wonderful. The other popular model is called the Clubhouse, which does not have as much headroom or deck space but is more compact. I purchased a shed from Recreation Unlimited, great service and the delivery was excellent. Gorilla Vs Rainbow Playsets Heavy-Duty Swing Beam . Premium cedar lumber is pre-sanded, pre . 03/07/2011 14:20 Subject: Re:Wood playsets - Rainbow, Woodplay, . As a kid from a very large family, I loved my Rainbow Monster Castles deck space because my sisters and I could comfortably have secret meetings in our playset, with extra room for treasure maps and other important documents. Brad has been invaluable in teaching me the art of balancing hot tub chemicals. They called ahead to let us know when they would be there. Strong swing chains with 800lb rating & coating to prevent kids pinching their fingers in the chain. You would think for $12k they could fix their mistake. A true DIY playground involves building your own play equipment. Jackie was great to work with. 3.8 3.8 out of 5 stars (25) $ 2,275. Overall a wonderful experience, will definitely be returning to Recreation Unlimited for future outdoor shopping. Purchase and installation was smooth and easy. Its deck height, deck area, and warranty have been added to the chart below. Huge shout out to both Linzi and GM, Alicia for getting us taken care of and dealing with the chaos of the truck sale! I cant say enough about the Customer Care this Team at Recreation Unlimited has shown us. ? but dont question it, We asked the GM to work with us and at least meet in the middle as our sales lady made it seem like it was an unnecessary charge I even asked Alicia , the GM and she said leave it on is what Sheila, our salesperson said when we inquired about the additional charges, referring to the additional install fee. They did a great job! I would recommend my friends to go through recreation unlimited! Rainbow Playsets can cost around $2000 - $10000 and It differs from model to model. It also enables very unique designs and configurations thatll help your swing set with multiple towers, clatter bridges or even a 7 deck. 05. Gorilla use high quality materials but also understand that it can be difficult to assemble a big playset which is why they offer both professional installation and extensive virtual assembly instructions on their 3d app. This makes for a much stronger playset overall. Made me very happy!! Both rainbow and gorilla playsets have good sizes of opening and entry that give children and adults the maximum comfort of playing for many years to come without outgrowing your playsets. Mike in the installation area sent out Brad and Josh to set it up exactly the way we wanted it. About twelve hours after he left, the next person on our deck was Theo, Recreation Unlimited's hot tub repair technician. Redwood cedar doesnt require any maintenance because it is not chemically heat treated or subjected to chemical heat pressure. The Castle includes a 360 degree tire swing, a wave slide, and 3 swings. A Penthouse sits atop the monkey bars. Gorilla Playsets Chateau Tower Wooden Outdoor Playset with Green Vinyl Canopy, Wave Slide, Rock Wall, and Swing Set Accessories (335) Would recommend Recreation Unlimited to anyone looking to have a new hoop installed. The base was perfectly level (not that perfect is required). The main swing beams are 46 instead of the traditional 44. The type of wood material used in constructing playsets, is the major factor that determines how safe it will be. Great customer service and set up with them was easy. (1-800-Rainbow). I recommend buying from competitor and hiring a reasonable and good contractor to install it, whether its a hot tub or play set, you will not regret finding somebody else to purchase from, install, and/or service the warranty.Also buyer beware #2: post installation, YOU are nothing to them but merely a quick buck. The installation process was smooth and they were even able to do it ahead of the projected date. Please check your entries and try again. Gorilla use heavy gauge steel support beams and heavy duty cedar wood lumbar across their range of playsets. Most companies manufacturing playsets uses sturdy and strong beam that allow easy swing. Dont even try to price match , they will allow it but then overcharge you somewhere else to make up for it.An Example: Outback 6 combo 4 does not include bubble panel like in pics from competitors or the manufacturer website. Tree Frogs swing sets are built with chemically free, natural premium lumber which come from certified mills that have sustained yield forest management. Gorilla Playsets 01-1057 Playmaker Deluxe Wooden Swing Set with Vinyl Canopy Roof, Dual Wave Slides, and Rock Climbing Wall, Redwood Stained Cedar (Amazon Exclusive) Vinyl, Wood, Steel. When you take the time to do this, try the Shake Test, which is exactly what it sounds like: simply try to shake the playset. Woodplay offers a 15 year warranty on cedar playsets, and a lifetime warranty on redwood playsets, which is something to consider if you know the playset will be getting lots of use. Warranties are important for your peace of mind and to ensure your playset lives up to expectation for years of enjoyment. From outdoor swing sets and playsets to kid's beds and indoor playsets, we design and manufacture the most beautiful, environmentally responsible products in the world for active play. All needed hardware, lumber, and a step-by-step instructions manual are included to ease assembly. Playsets offer more fun when kids can easily swing without using stress. We LOVE our new shed! Best in town . However most of these stains are simply for color and do not seal the wood to keep out moisture or reduce fading. Linzi responded to my email within hours of my inquiry and we got my order placed over the phone the same day. Top Rated. Follow the backyard playsets equipment safety guidelines thats set-up by the American Society for testing and Material work (ASTM), and also the guidelines by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)to safely set up playsets. They are produced from Redwood. I trust she will work to get you exactly what you are looking for! Gorilla playsets has multiple roofing options built for kids to have fun. We love gymnastics and finding fun topics to write about. Rainbow playsets uses the heavy-duty hangers to construct playsets thatll best give excellent swings. Very happy customer. And they were great to work with. Brad spent 42 minutes!!! No issues. In general, Gorilla Playsets offer one of the better made "box sets" on the market. Gorilla offer much more accessible pricing and are generally cheaper. Even dad can swing. We even told Sheila, our sales person, that we want it.. but nope. If you are interested in a Rainbow Play System, I'd recommend visiting their website (www.RainbowPlay.com) and giving their 1-800 number a call. All I wanted to know was if:A) they would come back out and shim the tub orB) if they would give me some tips on how to do it myself w/o hurting the tub or having to drain it completely to do it. Gorilla playsets are a little bit less expensive and easier to get your hands on, especially if you are willing to follow the extensive instructions and construct the play set yourself. The sales team was very helpful and patient as we made our final decisions. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a shed for their property. Highly recommend! Swing Set Buyer's Guide. However, the Clubhouse models are fantastic for small backyards because they are more compact. The goal went up and my son had the biggest smile on his face when he saw it and that's what it's all about. At my request, this issue was escalated to the owner, Carey Riley, who stated that I needed to prove that Theo damaged my deck otherwise her decision was final. Add to Cart. 5% back in rewards + Special Financing available with the Overstock Mastercard. Also have to pay for Return shipping to send item back plus they would subtract shipping cost from my original amount paid.Do not buy from this company total scammers to consumers. Rainbow PlaySystems was the pioneer of this class of playset in the 80' and 90's. While we like the brand, based on experience and . Usually ships within 2 to 3 days. Click the image to view the product on Amazon. The Rainbow Clubhouse Package II is the most popular model of the Clubhouse. I ended up finding a Gorilla Playset on Craigslist for $400. It has the capacity to last for lifetime. This is laughable in my experience. Playsets. I highly value the lifetime warranty of. $1,549.00. Lifetime Lookout Double-Slide Swing Set - Do It Yourself. $1,599.00. Although the Playground One model has a higher deck height, it actually has a smaller deck area than the Rainbow! Very professional. However, playsets installation is very important. Getting back down to earth from this tower is one of the most exciting pieces of play equipment, the alpine wave slide. I worked with Linzi Jones and Alicia Schilke (The GM) and they are incompetent liars. It's incredibly well made. I would highly recommend anyone to work with her! Delivered on time, as ordered & promised. I emailed her on several occasions with minor questions and she always responded within an hour with the information that I requested. You can always contact Gorilla directly if you need help with assembly. Always wanted a gazebo and found a display gazebo at recreation unlimited. I received no satisfaction for a faulty product that was put together and after first use cracked. The type of Cedar wood Rainbow play sets are built using is Pacific Cedar, which they say is why their play sets can last for a lifetime. This set has a deluxe climbing ramp for kids to clamber up every day, or they can twist and move in any direction on the 360 turbo tire swing with a swivel. The installation team were prompt, friendly, and did a great job. Rainbow Play's commercial playgrounds make the perfect outdoor playsets for community parks, private schools, churches, daycares, apartment complexes, campgrounds, and more! This makes the rainbow playsets durable and gives protection to the kids against weather elements. 5 Stars! Simply fasten the roof, connect the beams, and add the components. All went as I was told it would go. Something went wrong. Linzi was great to work with and was very accommodating with us, as out-of-state customers. Plank weight has a huge impact on the structural stability and longevity of the playset, as demonstrated in this video: This direct comparison also applies to the Clubhouse model from both manufacturers, Rainbow Clubhouse Package II vs BA Outlook I: The Rainbow models have more deck space, stability, and a better warranty for the same class of product (wood backyard swing sets). Designed for years of birthday parties, play dates and backyard family fun. We love our hot tub- set up was SO easy! We actually did all the paperwork through email and did not actually visit their location until the day we picked up the spa. kids can easily hop into the playsets from the ground floor without stress. There are 3 sets of wood materials used in building playsets: The redwood materials arent treated with chemicals but are natural resistance to rot, insent, and any weather elements. As with any large purchase, its wise to do your research before making a final choice. . Should you have any questions about how to choose the perfect playset for your family, give us a call at (317) 773-3545, or better yet, visit our Noblesville showroom to see (and try) the playsets for yourself. with any of their models. These companies create some of the biggest and most exciting adventure playgrounds for your children to play on in the back yard. Factory-built swing sets are another great option as they only take a few hours to set up, and everything you need is included. CRAFTMANSHIP. 100% CEDAR. Hope that Helps! Linzi and Alicia were so kind and understanding through our waiting. And we play on re-selling when we are finished with it. With Specialized financing on the Goalrilla Hoops, Vuly Trampolines, Rainbow Playsets, and Goalsetter Trampolines. Rainbow playsets has better heavy-swing hangers than gorilla playsets that come with non flexible. The product is excellent too!!! He took the time to answer all of our questions and leave us feeling confident in our next steps for maintenance.We would not hesitate to buy from Recreation Unlimited in the future! Very patient through all the questions. sims 4 child clothes cc, key worker accommodation london, teletubbies numbers 3 version 2,

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